The experienced application team at East African Flooring can install a wide range of floor coatings including:

  • 100% solid epoxy coatings
  • Epoxy overlays
  • Urethane
  • Urethane epoxy hybrids
  • Nova lac coatings
  • High durability water-based coatings
  • Rapid curing MMA coatings (The One Hour Floor!)


Polyurethane concrete provides a durable, resistant finish to heavy traffic areas, holding up to heavy loads, thermal shock, and chemicals. They are suitable for moisture-rich conditions, such as those found in food services, chemical production and treatment facilities.

It can be applied in various thicknesses resulting in resistance from chipping due to dropped items. There are options available to provide slip resistance. This product is easy to clean and maintain and can be installed with an integrated cove base.


When it comes to epoxy finishes, East African Flooring is well known for the quality and diversity that we offer. Our access to a wide range of products and manufacturers including Sika, Duo chem and Polymer Science which means that we can truly provide what is best for your job. The installation of epoxy floors will achieve long lasting durable finishes to protect your floor. Epoxy floors are also useful in a variety of environments, from industrial tanks, to food processing plants, to commercial retailers. Epoxy floors are an excellent choice for floors which are exposed to chemicals.


Densifying is usually done in conjunction with concrete polishing, but it can also be used as a stand-alone solution. Densifying provides a concrete floor that is more resilient to heavy traffic, and protects against wear, dusting, sweating, and efflorescence. Densifying chemically changes the concrete to create a protective surface. Densifying can be a great low cost alternative.


The most important part of any installation is the preparation. Even brand new floors have contaminants, such as oil and dirt that must be removed prior to flooring installation. Proper cleaning and profiling provides a better chemical and mechanical adhesion ensuring that any installed floor will have a longer lasting bond and a longer lifespan.
East African Flooring has some of the best equipment in the industry to prepare your floor for any kind of finish. Floor leveling, steel shot blasting, diamond grinding, scarifying, or sandblasting East African Flooring uses SASE floor grinders and HEPA filtered vacuums to complete the job with minimal dust. We can remove carpet glue, mastic, and thin set in an economical, safe, and timely fashion.


This is a unique suite of products offering wide a range of surface profile and performance specifications. These systems have an exceptional resistance to aggressive chemicals, heavy impact and thermal shock. Thousands of satisfied local and multinational clients, in countries on all continents and in all industries over more than 30 years attest to UCRETEs ability to provide long-term, problem-free and therefore, cost-effective, flooring protection in the most difficult environments. Without doubt, UCRETE is the flooring system of choice for discerning end users, specifies, suppliers and contractors worldwide.

Pharmaceuticals. Seamless/Joint less/Easy to clean.
Food processing & beverages High Chemical Resistant.
Hospitals/Laboratories. Solvent free, Hygienic & Food grade
Chemicals & Engineering Anti static, Dusty free & Anti Corrosive
Hotel, Cafeteria, Kitchen Anti bacterial/Anti micro bial/Anti fungal
Warehouses/Garages Slip Resistant & Easy to Clean
Any kinds of heavy load areas Long lasting/Durable & Economical
Textile & any kinds of Industries High impact resistance
Different Kinds of Ucrete
UCRETE MF 4-6 mm smooth
UCRETE MFAS 4-6 mm smooth, anti static
UCRETE MT 4-6 mm light texture
UCRETE DP10 4-9 mm light texture
UCRETE DP10AS 6 mm light texture, anti static
UCRETE DP20 4-9 mm medium texture
UCRETE DP30 4-9 mm heavy texture
UCRETE DP20AS 6 mm medium texture, anti static

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